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Musk, Mothmeme, & The Singularity

Animal Psychology

Artificial intelligence, like real intelligence, is an emergent property of the multiverse. First there is none. Then like a reverse Keyser Söze, the gray goo of mothememe! Trendy Ripples Of The Eschaton Google trends captured the […]

mothmeme t-shirts and mugs

Avoid This Biohacking Blunder!


Why everything you know about blublockers is WRONG! Mothmeme Guest writer John Mothson joins the WSB to share his biohacking expertise. John has been a practitioner of biohacking for over 10 years. He has published over a […]

Naked mole-rat Behavior

Animal Psychology: The Naked Mole-Rat

Animal Psychology

Ever since Sigmund Freud huffed his first line of cocaine, mind experts have been spouting gibberish about psychology. In recent years the rate of advancement in human psychology has slowed. Cocaine turned out to be […]

Mushroom Pyramid Magnetic Fields

The Great Pyramid Is Psychedelic Art

Occult Science

The Great Pyramids of Egypt are ancient alien spaceships and immortality machines. But is there more to these otherwise dull rockpiles? Hold onto your amazeballs…. In July 2018 a team from Monash University published their […]

Putin Cthulhu

Russian Premier Sets Challenge For Great Old One


World Science Beacon can exclusively reveal that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has challenged Lovecraftian deity Cthulhu to an underwater martial arts tournament. The 65-year-old martial arts enthusiast is reportedly looking for a new challenge in […]

Venezuela Moves To Ethereum Classic


Sources close to the under fire Caracas regime have revealed to WSB that Venezuela is planning a shock move to the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The Bolívarian Republic has been facing unforeseen economic turmoil since the […]

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